Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We'll get to the winner in a bit. But first a quick recap of the last couple of weeks of the Trojan football season. Just when it felt like it couldn't get any better, after the big "upset" (only for the doubters) of Oregon by SC, the Trojans outdid themselves and eviscerated the UCLA Bruins, shutting them out 50 - 0. Wow, still takes my breath away thinking about it.

And the result? Opposite Day. The Bruins represented the PAC-12 South division for the league championship game (because of sanctions against USC, by whom is debatable, apparently) against the North division leaders, Oregon. Oregon won and will face my alma mater, Wisconsin, at the Rose Bowl. Another win-win game for me, I love Wisconsin and I love the PAC-12, so I'm looking forward to the game on January 2nd. Hey, being a Pollyanna is beneficial to mental health. There is actual social psychological research showing that peeps who view the world through rose-colored glasses are less depressed. More deluded perhaps, but hey, bottom line, they're happier.

Which leads into the announcement of the first PAC-12 PICK'EM Champion, none other (hey guys, you have to play in order to win). You know, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. You had your chance. So while I bask in the glory of knowing I know my football, a prize in and of itself, I'll give you one more chance to see if you can outwit me: pick the Rose Bowl winner.

This is a tough one, mixed allegiances aside. Honestly, I thought Michigan State was going to beat Wisconsin again last week. I thought they had a little bit more going for them all through the game, and it kind of all unraveled with some odd calls at the end. And Wisconsin perked up in the second half, and at the right time. If Oregon comes out strong, and keeps it up, I think they will win. I love Ball and Wilson for Wisconsin, both excellent, but James and Thomas are excellent also. Even as I am writing this I'm wavering. But, heck, I think Chip Kelly's pride is on the line here, too. I'm picking Oregon.

Please share your thoughts and predictions...and Fight On!