Thursday, May 19, 2016

Izzy: 4-Month Update

Izzy is now healthier. When we got her in January she was underweight and had a thin coat. Let's just say she wasn't the direct beneficiary of all the food she ate (aka she was infested with a variety of intestinal parasites aka worms--ugh!). With the help of our wonderful vet, she's now 8 pounds and has a beautiful coat that's as soft as a bunny's, appropriate since she is a little cuddle bunny.

Izzy's favorite activity is chasing squirrels in our back yard. She tries to climb trees to get to them. The squirrels love to taunt her. One is sitting on the fence gloating because Izzy thinks it is still in the tree.

She also likes sleepovers with her pal, Ken. Okay, "likes" might be a bit of an exaggeration. They both tolerated each other during their first few sleepovers. They both have progressed from being neutral to mildly liking the experience. Baby steps.

Izzy is very playful and likes to drag my shoes into her bed, no small feat (pun intended) given her size.

No doubt about it, Izzy is now feeling more secure and relaxed. We didn't hear a peep from her for the first three weeks (the trait my husband liked most about her). Scratch that. She's very vocal now. A very good watch dog who, like Mitzy did, goes bananas when any delivery person drives down our street, let alone approach our front door. But she is a very friendly and affectionate pup and listens to me more than Mitzy ever did. Usually. However, I learned the hard way that she is a door darter not to be trusted when I cracked the door open to pick up the just-delivered mail on our doorstep and she took off in a blur of fur. I ran after her shrieking as she hightailed it down the driveway after the mail carrier and toward the street. Thank God she stopped to smell the roses, or more accurately, the scent of a dog who sprayed there. I scooped her up, picked up the dropped mail, and padded back inside very grateful to have averted disaster. Lesson learned.