Saturday, January 30, 2016

Izzy's First Week: Day One

The pet rescue lady was supposed to check out our house to see if it was pet safe on Saturday, January 9th between 11 - 12 noon. She needed to drive down to Irvine to fetch Izzy from her foster home. She overslept, there was the typical LA traffic, and she didn't make it to our place until 4pm. The anticipation was killing me--I'd only seen pictures of Izzy online. What if I didn't like her? What if she didn't like me? Gah! It was like waiting for a blind date.

As soon as they parked I ran out to meet them. It was love at first sight! Izzy was super friendly and affectionate right from the start. And simply gorgeous! She's a cream sable Pomeranian, cream and beige coat with black tips and highlights.

The rescue lady knew love when she saw it but she still wanted to checkout the back yard. The first thing she noticed was our driveway gate. It needed to be made escape-proof. Izzy could squeeze through the four-inch slats. Dog fencing would fix that. But until it arrived Izzy could only be allowed outside on a leash. I only had Mitzy's old red harness. The rescue lady rigged it temporarily so it would fit by putting Izzy's arm and neck through the same hole. Izzy looked like she was wearing a superhero cape.

Adoption contract was signed and fees paid, medical records were reviewed, and feeding instructions given. She liked Orijen fish, Zuke's treats, and teenie weenie Greenies. Izzy had been spayed the previous Saturday and couldn't be bathed for another week. Same with flea treatment. We should crate her at night until she was fully housebroken.

That first night she didn't eat because she was excited and I'm sure stressed from being shuttled around, operated on, and meeting many new dogs and people in the last nine days. She followed us around and fell asleep next to me on the sofa while we watched TV. She didn't pee or poop outside. She peed on the wee pad inside. Baby steps. But she slept through the whole night in her crate in our bedroom with nary a peep or stirring. So far, so good.

Coming up: Izzy meets some of the family

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Introducing Isabelle

Here's Izzy! She's four years old and weighs around five pounds. She never had a name before. Her former owner, who passed away, used to just whistle when he wanted to call her. His family couldn't keep her and she was given up to a rescue organization on New Year's Eve. But although nameless, she was loved and for a dog whose life has been in transition she's a pretty trusting girl.
I missed Mitzy so much after she passed away. I knew I wanted another dog just like her, but after days spent looking on various rescue sites online, none of the dogs really clicked for me. Until I saw this little nugget on a site that came up using different search keywords. Not only did she look like Mitzy, but her personality description was exactly what I was looking for: sweet, cuddly, friendly, and female. I've had mainly male dogs all my life, Yorkies who would look me in the eye defiantly as they lifted their leg on my drapes while I repeated for the umpteenth time for them to go outside. Mitzy was my first female in a long time and I was shocked to discover her dainty ways. She groomed herself fastidiously, always went outside to relieve herself (like a good girl), and stretched like a ballerina doing barre exercises. She didn't gobble treats in one gulp but would take them back to her lair (aka her bed) to savor them and nibble on them a bit at a time. I'm happy to report Izzy is well on the way to fulfilling my dream of another dainty damsel. We haven't mastered the housebreaking thing just yet, but we are having more and more success every day. She so likes to please us.
Izzy is a miniature version of Mitzy who weighed 15 pounds. 


Now that you've been introduced to Izzy, the next few posts will document her first two weeks with us, which will cover her escape artist skills and adventures when my husband watched her for six days while I was out of town, aka "the feral days." 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy 2016!

Hello and Happy New Year! It's been a while since I last posted. About two and a half years. A lot has happened in that time.

Two events capture the roller coaster ride of the past few months. Last fall I got a literary agent for FRIGHT ON! Details about that exciting experience appear online in two places: QueryTracker Success Stories and on author Brenda Drake's blog.

In early December my dear little sidekick Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix, Mitzy, passed away. She's the profile picture on my Twitter account and the inspiration for Lion the Pomeranian in FRIGHT ON!

I love that she is immortalized in my book as well as my heart. Mitzy was a puppy mill mama rescued by my older daughter who then gave her to me because she had opened her heart and house to too many (big dog) rescues and Mitzy retreated under a bed. I'd had dogs all my life, mutts and dachshunds as a child, and lots of Yorkies thereafter. Mitzy joined Baxter and Ginger, a Yorkie and a tortoiseshell cat that inspired the characters Bear and Tiger in FRIGHT ON. They passed away several years ago and Mitzy loved being an only pet. She was affectionate and silly and I wanted another dog just like her. After she died I started looking for rescues online and finally found another cute Pom who appeared to have similar characteristics, as well as being mellow and friendly. We adopted five-pound Izzy last Saturday! I'm going to post regularly on our mutual adjustment and growing love. Hope you have fun following along. Pictures of Izzy are coming soon!