Sunday, January 31, 2021

 First post of the new year - January 31, 2021

I finally feel like getting back to blogging again. I've never been into blogging that much to be honest, whether it's posting on my own blog or reading other blogs. I think part of the reason is that I'm on Twitter a lot and if I see someone promoting their recent blog post I'll sometimes look at it then, but I almost never read blogs otherwise. And even though I subscribe to blogs I must admit I rarely read them. I feel guilty spending time reading blogs instead of writing and reading other things that I feel help me more with my writing. 

Okay, now that I have my full disclosure out of the way, I can confess what has motivated me to get back to blogging. Stray Kids. Yes, I am probably their oldest fan "girl" or "Stay" as their fans are known as, but I feel compelled to share my enthusiasm for this mighty and abundantly talented K-pop boy band (and cute, make no mistake, each member has their own brand of charm, my "bias" as its called is the sex symbol of the group and dancer extraordinaire, Hyunjin). 

My obsession has surprised no one more than myself. I happened onto them one night on Twitter. One of the book blogger accounts I follow (must confess cannot remember who it was) posted a short video link to YouTube. I think it was God's Menu one of their biggest hits that had just been released. I was mesmerized pretty much right from the start. Probably after the second time I viewed it, since there's a lot to absorb in all their MVs. Because they are absolutely brilliant! 

Future posts will be devoted to "reviewing" (who am I kidding, "praising in detail" will be more like it) their huge body of MVs and other content. They produce so much content for their Stay--super productive bunch of young men. So my posts will focus on their MVs and dance practice videos (my faves) to open up discussions and interchange about this amazing group. 

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