Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome One and All!

It's going to be a busy weekend in Tinseltown, sports lovers and TV fans. Home games for the USC Trojans (against Syracuse) and the UCLA Bruins (against Texas)...Plus, the Emmy Awards on Sunday night downtown at the Nokia Theatre LA Live, promising more stars than even our lovely skies, which eerily have been full of falling meteors and satellite debris of late. The freeways will be overflowing with fans heading to the Coliseum and the Rose Bowl on Saturday. I'll be sitting this one out, forgoing the joys of gridlock, watching from the comfort of my living room and the luxury of bathrooms without lines. But I did attend that wild SC-Utah game last week--the last 20 seconds were crazy--the Ute field goal attempt ended up sucker punching Trojan Torin Harris who then ran down the field for a goosebumps-producing touchdown as the time expired on the clock. The scoreboard read 23-14...for about a minute. Then it was changed back to the score before the T, 17-14. But we got the win, no one knew why the touchdown didn't count, yeah, it seemed like the whole SC team was off the bench and running down the field at one point, pretty powerful scene, but honestly, it seemed to coincide with the time running out. After that everyone filed out of the Coliseum fast--like Derek Fisher running off the court after his game ending basket--as if we were all thinking the same thing, better leave before the officials change their minds again and put more time back on the clock and let the Utes have another shot. I know that sounds kind of paranoid in a Soup Nazi kind of way, but guess what? Two hours later, the PAC-12 "officials" reinstated the TD and the 23-14 score now stands. What? I'm not complaining, I thought they got it originally, but can any of you remember a score being reversed like that before? Me neither. Even when it's captured on film, the attitude always seems to be, oh well, yeah looks like a bad call but we NEVER change scores after a game has ended. So what happened? The power of the Trojan Family? Don Corleone? New PAC-12 Conference clout? Thoughts? Thanks for stopping by, remember to always wear you Cardinal and Gold colored glasses, and whatever you do, don't forget to Fight On!

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