Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winning. Not.

Hey, fellow Trojans. Done licking your wounds yet? I'm slowly recovering. Damn, that was a tough loss. Bizarre night with the dust storms, fumbles, and penalties--I honestly kept thinking the Trojans were going to rebound. But no. My other fave team, Arizona, also got brutalized. And now the two (dare I say loo-hoosers ala Jim Carrey) meet each other this Saturday. Since my older daughter graduated from UofA I always have split allegiance and mixed emotions when these two teams meet up. On the bright side, I win either way.

In  other news...how about the bad call on the missed extra point caught on tape in the Syracuse-Toledo game? According to SI.com "Mid-American Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said Monday that NCAA rules say there's no route to reverse the outcome once the game is declared over." Really? I'm thinking the SC-Utah game. True, the Trojans would have won anyway even if the TD hadn't been reinstated two hours after the game, but really? Isn't that why all of us hate rules (okay, I'm assuming you're all like me, maybe some of you love rules), that they so often are used as excuses by the people who set them to basically do whatever the heck they please (okay, maybe it's just my parochial school background coming back to haunt me, too). Anyway, I don't know why games can't be postponed for a couple more minutes anytime there's a blatant mistake caught on film. Come on. Nothing wrong with a re-do. It's only fair. Thoughts?

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