Friday, October 14, 2011

Cool New USC YouTube: Global USC

I really love the ending. Naturally, it brought tears to my eyes. I know it's basically a promo tape, but I've always been a sucker for school spirit (obviously, look at this blog). I was super rah-rah in high school and college, a song girl. Don't know if school spirit gets to me because of the sense of common identity, the emotional venting, or feeling of family. It's not just the sports, though (but I do love sports). I think it has more to do with the joint striving to be the best you can. To excel. And to celebrate that with like-minded souls with whom you share similar experiences. And even when the shared experience comes to an end, you can relive it by maintaining ties, staying connected through school spirit.
But I hate the Us versus Them aspect of school spirit. The opposite of being kind and inclusive. Yet that is the essence of competition, isn't it? Quite the paradox.

That being said, in other news...sweet 30 - 9 win over Cal tonight, Trojans. And (risking irony) Fight On!

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