Sunday, October 2, 2011

High Five!

I picked'em!!!!! All five games!!!!! That's right, I'm a regular football phenom. Go, Me! True, it's my "contest" on my blog. And, okay, so no one else "competed." But whose fault is that, football fans? To be fair, I was too busy licking my wounds from last week's game to praise last week's winner, (not me, it's someone who will remain anonymous, because't know who they are...or more accurately, who he or she was). Yes, anon nailed it last week and I didn't. Belated CONGRATS! But this week I even surprised myself with my football acumen (and when was the last time you saw those last two words in the same sentence? Definitely a weekend of firsts).

Good thing I don't give out prizes (remember the prize for winning is the smug satisfaction of knowing you're smarter than everyone else who played and didn't win and PICK ALL FIVE CORRECT) because if I did, today I'd be dealing with awkward conflict of interest issues instead of pure joy.

Anyhoo, I'm bracing myself for the upcoming week's entries. Once word gets out about PAC-12 PICK'EM...well, who knows, the sky's the limit. In fact, I'm worried that once more people find out about this gem of a cheap thrill it won't be as much fun, like Facebook after they let anyone join. So before PAC-12 PICK'EM goes the way of Facebook, football lovers, be a winner, make sure to check in later in the week, and pick the winners! Fight On!

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