Thursday, October 20, 2011

PAC-12 PICK'EM October 20 - 22, 2011

Hello, PAC-12 lovers, it's time for this week's predictions and time to match wits with the reigning PAC-12 PICK'EM Champ, yours truly. The weeks seem to start rolling by more quickly this time of year (only 66 days until Christmas--yikes!), and it's about now that football gets even more interesting because...

This is the time in the season for upsets. For the unpredictable. Bearing that in mind, and trying to put aside my many and conflicted loyalties for all the PAC-12 schools, not to mention straddling the line on decisions made by heart versus head, here are my predictions for this week:

Arizona over UCLA (I am still upset about Stoops being dropped mid-season--does that kind of disruption ever help? Granted, UCLA is one of those unpredictable teams, often surprising everyone as fans file out of the stadium only to pull out a win, but trumping that, the Wildcats desperately need a win and it's at home--Win one for the Stoopser)

Oregon over Colorado (Yeah, this would be an unbelievable upset if the Buffs win, but I don't believe it will happen, unless more injuries knock out Duck star players)

Utah over Cal (After last week's games, with the Utes clawing their way back to win, and the Golden Bears shooting themselves in the foot, even though their records are the same and it's at Cal, I see Utah having more fire right now to show it is PAC-12 worthy, needing a its first ever conference win as a PAC-12 school)

USC over Notre Dame (okay, the head-heart struggle is still waging, hoping that Woods and Lee can both play and not get injured again--all the Trojans need to say to the Fighting Irish is Fight On!)

Stanford over Washington (Sorry, Huskies, would love to see you pull it off, but with the Cardinal crowd smelling Heisman and BCS Champ, don't think it's gonna happen)

Washington State over Oregon State (Both looking for their second conference win, it's at Pullman, I think the Cougars have it over the Beavers)

Remember, there are no prizes for winning, just the smug satisfaction of knowing you know football better than your competitors. So join in the fun and post your predictions in the Comments. And if you don't, thank you in advance for allowing me to remain the reigning PAC-12 PICK'EM Champ (now that's what I call a win-win situation). Be brave, stay classy, PAC-12 fans, fellow Trojans, and football lovers, and don't forget to Fight On!

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