Thursday, October 6, 2011

PAC-12 PICK'EM Oct 6 - 8 2011

Hello fellow Trojans, football fans, and fiction lovers -- it's that time again. Time to pick the winners for this week's PAC-12 football. I'm a little nervous (being the defending champion and all), but at least the Trojans get a bye this week.

Okay, down to business. My picks:

Tonight's game at Eugene: Oregon over Cal (the Duck fans are a boisterous and dare I say daffy bunch, in other words it's a tough house to win in, not to mention the Duck's are ranked 9th nationally)

Saturday's games:

Arizona over Oregon State (it's at Corvallis, but the Wildcats' tough recent schedule (Stanford, Oregon, USC) accounts partly for their losses, the Beavers, except for Wisconsin [Go Badgers], not so much; plus UCLA beat OSU, 'nuf said:)

ASU over Utah (It's at Utah, but ASU beat SC and SC beat Utah, so...)

Stanford over Colorado (unless their "Luck" changes, Stanford will continue its roll)

WSU over UCLA (In recent years I've seen UCLA, against all odds, come from behind to get two touchdowns in the last two minutes to win big, but I just think the Cougars offense will rack up too many points for the Bruins to match them)

So those are my picks.

Remember there are no prizes--simply the smug satisfaction of knowing you're "smarter" at sports than the average guy or gal, boy or girl, dude or dudette.

Now it's your turn. Don't be shy. Leave your predictions in the Comments section (hears fans furiously typing), see if you can be the next champ. If you think it's easy, prove it.

Good luck to all. Stay hungry. Stay foolish. But whatever you do, don't forget to Fight On!

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  1. Still the reigning champ, apparently. But I slipped to only 3 out of 5 correct this week. I should have listened to my own commentary about UCLA--had I known Prince would take over as QB I might have, because he was the QB I referred to. Okay, this week it took him just over 3 minutes. But sometimes he is absolutely solid under duress. Better luck next week, fellow fans. Feel free to jump in any time...or I might ace every week. Later.