Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 10 on 10/10/11

Okay, my first attempt selecting the Top 10 Tweets from the 100+ Twitter accounts I follow. I feel like I cheated by selecting three from a  professional comic, but I have stuff to do. No ranking. Just 10 tweets that made me laugh. Thank you, funny tweeps.

Conan O'Brien

Just reached 4 million Twitter followers. IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, DAD?!??

Conan O'Brien

I want to apologize to all the people of Tampa for my last tweet. I’m sure Tampa is a fine place to live, if you’re a mosquito.

Conan O'Brien

Just found the first honest psychic hotline that told me I would soon regret giving them my credit card number.
Tamar Rydzinski

Putting "writing is the easy part" in your query letter=not a good idea

Kathleen Schmidt

Lady in her 70s at Best Buy w her huz just said to me: "They (men)don't listen unless you yell at them."

jenna mccarthy


Julie Anne Lindsey

3yo calls guinea pig "gimmee pig"

Julie Anne Lindsey

I need to edit. Gave 8 & 3 yos some markers and paper for quiet coloring. They attached the markers end to end & are sword fighting - loudly

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

: my kansas state wildcats vs. the mizzou tigers tomorrow. let's block & tackle boys. block and tackle." Yeah What HE said!


"You can't come...Because it's not a vacation if my family is with me. I could vacation in my fucking house if you people left it."

Hope they put a smile on your face, too. Taking suggestions for Novembers 10 on the 10th. Please post your faves in the Comments section.

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